Let me be blunt with you, my dear. We have a huge issue in the canine community, and it’s harming dogs.

We mandate leashes for good reasons. No. 1: being safe for all concerned: safety not only for you and your dog but for every dog and human being on earth.

There are leash laws in many cities. You can be fined for not using one in places that mandate it. Yet, some of you dog owners have determined that this critical law doesn’t apply to your dog.

Be considerate, obey the law, and leash your dog.

I read the sad consequences created by a dog being off-leash every single day. Many responsible owners are walking their dog on leash mainly to keep their dog from having to come face to face with YOUR off-leash dog.

This might be new news to some, but not every dog desires to say hello to each dog it sees every day. Do you, as a human, always want to say hi to everyone you see? I didn’t think so.

Here are some things that can happen to your roving off-leash Rover:

  • Your dog can be hit by a car.
  • Your dog can jump on a senior and knock them over.
  • Your dog can harass wildlife.
  • Your dog can mow down little ones.
  • Your dog can get in the face of other dogs, some of whom will respond with aggression.
  • Your dog can get in a dog fight that will scare both dogs and result in a costly vet bill. After you pay that vet bill, you may now be the owner of one of those dogs who can’t stand to have off-leash dogs in his face.
  • Your dog can be shot, even in a city park (it’s happening in Colorado and other states).
  • Your dog can eat something that may kill him.