Most motorists do not realize the serious of pothole accidents. Potholes can be as a big as a foot wide and several feet deep. Even if you are driving and slow down to go over one, the wear on your vehicle, especially if it is on your neighborhood street, can be damaging over time. This is not to mention if you don’t see a pothole and run right into it; the impact can cause your tire to blow and injury to yourself and passengers in the vehicle.

Potholes are typically caused by several factors such as constant driving over a tear in the street, the asphalt is damaged, or weather elements such as sleet and hail. Rainwater is one of the biggest factors in creating potholes and causing them to grow bigger. Supposedly, it is the responsibility of the city to fix holes and cracks in the streets immediately to prevent them from becoming potholes. Because some cities do nothing to repair the many potholes littering their streets, this is one of the main reasons pothole accidents are on the rise.

The parts of your vehicle that are affected most by driving over a pothole are the shocks and suspension. Studies have shown that going over a pothole unexpectantly is like having a car hit you at over 30 mph. This can lead to you losing control of your car and causing an accident.

One suggestion is that people should take pictures of potholes in their neighborhood and surrounding areas. Next, contact your local city hall about fixing them. It is their responsibility to do so.

To reduce your chances of being a victim in a pothole accident, it is recommended to slow down and drive carefully over any potholes. In the event that you do become involved in a pothole accident, be sure to contact a personal injury attorney specializing in motor vehicle accidents. They can help you deal with the insurance companies and city to get the full monetary compensation you deserve.