Vehicular manslaughter, also known as vehicular homicide, is the negligence operation of a vehicle that results in an unintentional death. The death is also a direct result from you committing an unlawful act, such as driving while intoxicated. It is important to know that it not only involves you hitting a person, but also the death of a passenger in your car, including an unborn child. Vehicular manslaughter can also be referred to as felony vehicular manslaughter.

Besides being intoxicated, there are contributing factors to being charged with vehicular manslaughter. For example, if you get behind the wheel drunk, you will probably be speeding and driving recklessly as well. Those charges will be included in your conviction.

If you are arrested for vehicular manslaughter, what can you be charged with?

If you are arrested for vehicular manslaughter, and you were drunk when you caused the accident, you will most likely be looking at mandatory prison time. Other charges can be included including: driving under the influence of alcohol, destruction of property, and speeding. The minimum sentence for vehicular manslaughter is from three to nine years. It is also possible that you will be charged with homicide depending on how reckless your behavior was.

Several factors will determine the severity of your sentence. Prior DUI convictions, being on parole at the time of the accident, or previous prison time for vehicular manslaughter, will most likely result in a more serious and stiffer sentence. Other factors that can have a profound effect on your sentence are: if children were involved, any media coverage of your case and the community’s reaction to what has happened. Besides serving time, if you are convicted of vehicular manslaughter, you could lose your license, be put on parole or probation, and pay some huge fines.

Being convicted of vehicular manslaughter is a serious crime, especially if you have a previous DUI charge. A vehicular manslaughter attorney knows that sometimes people make a bad decision, such as getting behind the wheel of a car while intoxicated, that can result in horrible consequences. Speak with a defense attorney specializing in DUI and/or vehicular manslaughter immediately.